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About Us

TaxRevo was founded by Roth & Company LLP, which handles complex accounting and tax work for medium and large businesses in New York.

After many years of serving medium to large size businesses, Roth & Company LLP came to the realization that smaller companies did not have a place where they can get the proper service they deserved. The larger firms were not focusing on smaller businesses as they tended to get pushed to the side in favor of bigger projects. The smaller firms lacked the expertise, as well as the process and procedures, that come along with being part of a larger firm.

Roth & Company LLP decided to combine the two and created a boutique firm that is an extension of their existing firm, but caters to smaller businesses and individuals that do not require a full suite of accounting services. This boutique firm has the expertise of a larger firm, with the turnaround and attention of a smaller firm. Tax and accounting needs are handled efficiently, while keeping fees down by simplifying the process.

TaxRevo clients benefit by paying only for the accounting services they need, without the full back office and overhead that drives up costs. Yet if clients should ever require more extensive work they have easy access to Roth & Company LLP's expertise and personnel. There is no need to start over with a new firm since client files are already "in house."

TaxRevo is managed by Joseph (Yossi) Reich, CPA, of Roth & Company LLP, who operates the boutique firm from offices in Brooklyn, NY and Lakewood, NJ. Yossi looks forward to meeting with you and discussing your tax and accounting needs. Learn the revolutionary way to serve all your tax needs, nice and simple.

As a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Private Companies Practice Section, Roth & Company LLP adheres to strict quality control standards, including continuing professional education and periodic peer reviews of our audit practice and system of quality control.

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